Hellypaddy is a mobile application and platform designed to help helicopter pilots and enthusiasts find suitable landing sites and helipads around the world. Similar to how navigation apps help drivers find routes and places to park, Helipaddy provides information about helipads, landing sites, and related facilities. Helipaddy is the world’s largest database of off-airfield helicopter landing sites covering over 60 countries, including hotels, restaurants, vineyards, and more.



Helipaddy is a solution that operates with an extensive dataset containing thousands of landing sites. It was designed to function across various mobile platforms like iOS and Android, as well as a web-based platform. Therefore, the primary challenge lies in ensuring consistent secure real-time data across these diverse platforms. 

smartdata was involved in the full redesign and redevelopment of Helipaddy, including native mobile apps (B2C), a web portal (B2B), and an internal admin panel.



  • Platform redesign and redevelopment on iOS, Android and two web platforms (web portal and internal admin panel); 
  • External APIs development and integration on external/third-party platforms; 
  • Real-time updates among the platforms; 
  • Third-party libraries integration;
  • New features/functionality; 
  • Bug fixing.


Key Technologies

  • Backend: Laravel 
  • Database: MySQL Server 
  • Frontend: React, WordPress 
  • Programming languages: JS, PHP, Kotlin, Swift 
  • Web Services: nginx 
  • App: IOS, Android 
  • Payment method: Revenue Cat, Stripe 
  • Third party libraries: Google Maps/Places, Firebase Push Notifications/Analytics



smartdata revamped the Helipaddy platform with a fresh design, enhanced application logic, a new data schema, and the addition of new features and functionalities. 

We created a secure external API service tasked with providing the dataset to other third-party applications. We aligned and filtered the existing dataset to match the structure of the newly developed database schema. 

We focused on data security, consistency and integrity in real-time between web platforms and mobile applications.



September 3, 2023


Aviation Industry