LenderBidding is a platform that connects real estate agents (brokers) with private mortgage lenders (lenders). Brokers place real estate offers and provide important basic details. The deal form uses the Google Maps library, allowing you to point real estate directly on the map. After analyzing all the offers, lenders bid on the most attractive ones. Within 24-72 hours, brokers can accept one bid or another. Users (brokers & lenders) have the possibility to communicate through the platform chat. Only authorized users are allowed on the platform.



We were challenged to redesign the deal placement form, the user auction placement form, and a completely new landing page. Now, the platform has a modern UI that considers the latest UX trends, is editable and customizable, and has filter possibilities.



  • New Features/Functionality
  • Redesign of the main functionalities of the platform
  • Third-party integration for the e-mail
  • New landing page design and implementation
  • Bug fixing



  • Backend: PHP / Laravel, Node.js
  • Database: MySQL Server
  • Frontend: React
  • Programming languages: JS
  • Web Services: nginx


  • We recreated the form for placing a deal / a bid – which is the most important functionality on the platform.
  • The team worked on the UI for the user’s profile, which can be fully customized, if necessary, 2FA security can also be installed. Lenders have exclusive functionality to filter deals by interest or by certain specific criteria, e.g. such as “Mortgage Position”.
  • The team created new functionalities for users and admins – like managing resources and simpler functionalities.
  • Third party service have been integrated for emailing and requesting an online call.
  • Performance and stability of the platform was improved, as users can navigate and interact with the platform easily, intuitively and interactively.

January 30, 2023


Booking platform, smartdata